5 Ways to Make Her Happy Without Spending Money

empty pocketsSometimes guys think that the only way to impress or make a woman happy is to spend money.

Be it bragging about his salary/house/car or buying flashy, expensive gifts and taking her to the swankiest hundred-dollar-bottle-of-wine restaurant in town, some men use money as a substitute for time, love and tenderness.

Well guys, here’s a newsflash for you. Yes, we do love shoes, and yes, there is a time and place for gifts and treats, but we’d much rather the simple things like your undivided attention.

Quality time beats that new diamond bracelet any day. And if you’re thinking “Yeah, right!” then read on to discover five ways you can make her day without spending a dime.

1. Have Fun with Her

The daily grind of work and chores can get us all down from time to time. So why not lighten the mood and have a bit of fun?

Watch a silly movie, bounce on the kids’ trampoline, be playful and flirtatious, have a pillow fight, or try out your cheesiest jokes. After all, as everyone knows, women can’t resist a guy with a sense of humor because you instantly feel at your best when you are having fun.

Laughter is absolutely the best medicine and having a giggle together will be a treat for you both. Life is way too short to be serious all the time.

2. Compliment Her

Every woman wants to feel special and sexy, even at 8am when she has hair wild enough to rival Don King and breath that could strip wallpaper.

Compliments should be simple and definitely given without an ulterior motive – i.e. the genuine phrase “you look great today” rather than the lets-go-to-bed phrase “you look so hot baby”. The important thing is to be sincere because believe me, we can totally tell when you’re saying something you don’t mean.

A simple, “your hair smells good” or “thanks for dinner, it was delicious” can go a long way in giving your lady a boost for the day.

3. Listen To Her

If you look up the word ‘listen’ in the dictionary, you’ll see a definition something along the lines of, “to give attention with the ear; to attend closely for the purpose of hearing”. In short, to ‘listen’ means to really concentrate on hearing what the other person has to say.

Women love to talk (as you probably figured already) but we also need to vent. So take your eyes off the game, stop with the well-timed “uh-huh” and just suck up whatever we have to say. Once we’ve unloaded our stresses and thoughts we’ll feel much better and be extra grateful that you cared enough to take time to tune in.

4. Be Intimate with Her

Now before we start, I’m not talking sex here guys! Women love to be touched, stroked, caressed and held. There is nothing better than cuddling up to your man as he plays with your hair and lightly strokes your shoulders. Yes, we do love the ‘sexual touch’ that’s charged with electricity and desire, but we equally love the ‘affectionate touch’ which reassures and comforts us that you are there to love and protect us.

Not every physical connection has to lead to the bedroom, so just indulge her in a back massage or foot rub and she’ll be eternally grateful.

5. Give Her a Day Off

This is a real biggie for women, especially as we sometimes feel undervalued for all the little things we do. It’s simple: pick a day and tell her it’s hers.

Tell her to have a lie in then do the chores (yes, all the chores…even the horrible ones), make dinner, and let her watch her television shows. It might seem simple but trust me, it will be really appreciated. And then, in the evening, cuddle up on the couch with a glass of wine and talk about good times. She’ll feel appreciated and loved and she’ll like you lots and lots.

And hey, who knows where that might lead..!


Photo Credit – Dan Moyle