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What Your Online Dating Profile Says About You

What your online dating profile says about you in action.

You browse profiles on dating sites to learn about others–ever wonder what your online dating profile says about you?

Rule number one: No one cares about whatever you have to say about yourself.

What?! You may splutter. What do you mean no one cares? Isn’t the whole point of a dating profile to communicate key information about oneself?

Actually, no. Why should any of us care about a stranger’s enjoyment of Breaking Bad, distaste for surgically enhanced breasts, or favorite ethnic cuisines? Do those online dating profile bullet points actually say anything at all about what makes you you?

Your online dating profile is your chance to offer a little slice of your  (wonderfully unique) life. Ideally, it functions as sort of a 3D-movie trailer in which you appear (without the smarmy voiceover) doing, thinking, or chasing the stuff that defines you.

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Fun Examples of Online Dating Screen Names

10 examples of online dating screen names

In the last post I promised a handful of praiseworthy examples of. I’ve already enumerated a list of ridiculous, boring, and grandiose handles, so you know not to call yourself a CupcakeGirl or a LuvToy.

Or, for that matter, to tell the entire female single population that your every move is heroically meant “4U.”

So, let’s start with what makes for a particularly good user name.

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Dating Profiles: 7 Mistakes That Kill Your Chances of Success


Are you making an online dating profile mistake that is killing your chances of success?

For some people, developing a strong profile that generates responses is a hard thing to do. What can compound this problem is making one or two key errors that really put your profile in the “do not reply” category.

Let’s look at seven common dating profile mistakes that people make so that you can avoid them.

Read on!

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What is a Good Online Dating Name?

What makes a good online dating user name? Just ask Edward and Bella

What’s in a (screen) name?

I have often been asked by readers and dating profile clients what makes for a really good online dating name.

Well, think about it—especially you folks who complain that your fellow singles “only look at the pictures anyway.” This is your chance to be clever, cool, fun, witty, and alluring.

That is, If you don’t totally mess it up by coming up with something stupid, self-obsessed, or downright uninteresting.

I find it’s helpful to answer the question about handles with a question or two of my own:

Guys, in real life, could a woman possibly feel a hot animal attraction to you if you were to introduce yourself as Bob4UOnly? Dubious.

Or, if you’re a woman:

How enthralling would you be to the handsome guy standing in line with you at Starbuck’s if you were to open with, “Hey there, I’m TwilightObsessd!”

In my last post I explained why online dating is a numbers game—and why your one and only task in creating your dating profile is to convince vast numbers of profile visitors that you are someone they must learn more about.

Well, you may ask, how in heaven’s name do I go about being so charismatic? Great question. And what better place to begin getting down to fascination tactics than your user name? I want to talk beginning your online profile with a fantastic user name—but first I feel compelled to offer a little rant advice on what makes a handle horrid.

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Is Online Dating a Numbers Game?

Photo courtesy of WoodleyWonderworks (Flickr)

(Yes, it is–but not in the way you think.)

Talk to any frustrated user of an online dating service, and you’re likely to hear a glum, “Online dating is juuuust a big numbers game.”

Accompanied by a dismissive shrug of the shoulders.

And…perhaps even a slight whimper to complete the portrait of Joe or Joanna Singleton who just can’t seem to catch a break. Oh, it’s not that they don’t try, mind you. Joe will tell you about his efforts to write nice, gentlemanly introductions to the parade of lovely women he spies on Match—and then about his growing annoyance, as he awaits replies…with only the chirping of crickets to keep him company.

And Joanna is quite likely to tell you about the periodic overtures of men who seemed both promising and interested online–but who (alas) turned out to live with Mom and lack any evidence of actual employment.

And they sigh and look solemn. Online dating, they declare, is an impossible numbers game. They’d have to quit their jobs and take up full-time dating in order to actually find that true-love needle in the mountainous haystack of singles.

Well, if there’s one thing my time on dating sites has taught me, it’s that Joe and Joanna are dead-on in their conclusion that numbers rule online dating.

But not exactly in the way they presume.

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