Incredible First Dates: 5 Proven Date Ideas For All Budgets

A Dating WomanIndecision is the staunch enemy of a fun and successful first date.

You’ve connected with someone online and you’re both interested in meeting up. You want to do whatever you can to make a great impression with that potential ‘special’ match. The problem is that we can spend a lot of time pursuing someone, but when it comes to the actual date, we are at a loss for where to go or what to do. This indecision lowers your chances of having a fun and successful first date.

Well, let’s take a look at some new and old ideas so that this post can be your go to resource for your next first date.

1. Go for a Coffee and a Walk

Some might consider this cliché but a coffee and a walk truly is one of the best ways I know to spend quality time on a first date without spending much money at all.

A nice relaxing stroll allows you and your date to catch up on your day, talk about any recent experiences or just comment on your surroundings. From my experience, walks by the water or in a trendy part of town where you are able to window shop can help keep the conversation flowing.

This date idea also gives you a chance to show off your knowledge of the area you live in. You may even find yourself planting seeds for your next date based on what is going on during your walk.

2. Take a Dancing Lesson Together

Do you ever notice that when people dance, they seem happy and smile a lot? Wouldn’t that be a great feeling to replicate on a first date?

Show off your dancing skills or humble learning nature by going to a dance lesson together. On any given night in most cities, drop-in lessons can be taken in salsa, tango, ballroom, hip-hop and many other types. Lessons range in time but are usually no more than an hour.

Touching someone else is a powerful way to build a connection. Dancing together allows you to touch your date in a respectful manner while breaking the ice for an end of date hug or kiss.

3. Go Skating Together

Whether it’s ice skating or roller skating, this idea for a first date is fun, clean and thrilling (regardless if you are both good at it or not!).

Your body releases a hormone called endorphins after exercising. It’s also known as the ‘feel good’ hormone. Since skating is a form of exercise, you will feel a rush of endorphins after and most likely associate that feeling with your partner (and vice versa).

Why not pretend that you are both practicing to have the performance of your life at a roller derby or an international ice skating competition and laugh your hearts out at the rink — hopefully without any injuries ;-)

4. Take Him or Her to Something You Already Do

Are you a fitness instructor? Invite your date to the gym for a workout session. Do you have softball practice Wednesday at 8pm? Bring your date to the field. There are many more examples but I think you get the picture.

The idea is to invite your date into your world and offer them an opportunity to add to whatever fun or exciting things you have going on in your life. This is a great way to show your date a glimpse of what your life looks like while also allowing you to relax and be yourself in an environment you feel comfortable in.

5. Go for a Drink at a Fancy Hotel or Restaurant Bar

Heading out to a nice bar, putting on some of your best clothes and having a fancy cocktail can be a great experience and a memorable way to kick-off a potential relationship. There are endless people watching opportunities in this environment too. That itself can help carry the conversation if you every run into a period where both of you are stuck for words.

Seeing how your date reacts with the service staff can be a key indicator on how they treat people in general. I remember having a drink on a first date once where she was as sweet as pie to me but horrible and impatient with the service staff. Sure enough, after a few more dates, I became the target of her unpleasant nature. So, be aware of positive or negative cues.

If you don’t drink alcohol, you can take a page out of my book by ordering a club soda with lemon in it or a fancy bottle of water. Most of the staff at these types of places are very accommodating and treat you like a friend so don’t hesitate to ask for their non-alcoholic recommendations.

What Next?

The date ideas above allow you to go slowly and help uncover your date’s personality. The budgets for each date idea vary and they all have low time commitments, so the option is always there to extend the date if you feel that special connection.

So, how can you use this post to help you? Here are a few things I recommend:

  1. Pick at least one of the date ideas above and use it as your default first date idea for at least your next couple of dates
  2. Have something to do before your date (it could be an errand or task) so that you meet up with your partner already warmed up and in a conversational mode.
  3. Have fun! Remember, dating is about finding a really great match, so don’t forget to laugh, be yourself and fully enjoy each experience.