What You Should Know About Picking a Good Username

Online Dating: Your UsernameWhile some online dating sites assign you a username automatically, the big boys like Match.com and eHarmony leave it up to you – which means you’ve got a bit of thinking to do.

Whilst I don’t consider your username to be anywhere near as important as your profile or your headline, it certainly doesn’t hurt to come up with something a little interesting and creative. And doing so needn’t be hard.

Before I show you how to come up with a creative and interesting username, let’s first go through some what not to dos.

Don’t Reveal Your True Identity

Okay – so you’re not Superman, but you would probably prefer to remain relatively anonymous in the online dating world. After all, if you reveal too much of your true identity, it could lead to some unsavory results.

So for starters, don’t use your first and last name as your username. Your first name alone is fine (and is certainly not a bad idea, when combined with something else), but leave your last name out of it.

Furthermore, don’t use a username that matches other profiles you have online – especially your email address. You’d be amazed at what people can extrapolate from the most basic of information.

Don’t Be Boring

You can do better than “coolguy123″. A boring username really isn’t going to help your prospects, even if a good headline and profile can probably rescue it.

Besides, you’ve got no excuse to use an unimaginative and dull username, because thinking of something even a little more interesting really isn’t difficult at all.

Don’t Go Overboard

You’re going to want to pick a username that is a little intriguing and creative, and perhaps somehow reflects your personality and/or interesting aspects of your life. What you don’t want to do is scare people off with something that is inadvertently cheesy, creepy or just plain offensive.

So when it comes to picking a username, I follow the same thought process that I use for thinking up headlinesif I’m not 100% sure that the username is “safe” for usage, I’ll ditch it.

Creating a Username

Alright, I admit it – we’re going to cheat a little here. There’s a great free service called SpinXO that we’re going to use to come up with a good username for you.

Just head over to the site, and enter whatever information you like:


Hit “Spin!”, and SpinXO will spit out a huge list of usernames for you to choose from:


I’ve highlighted four potential usernames that I like above. You can just run with what is suggested, or edit them to suit your tastes. So “PlentyRunning” could be “PlentyOfRunning”, or “RunningDoodle” could be “RunningDoodler” (if I were any good at drawing). SpinXO does the hard work in presenting you with a huge list of potential usernames.

And that’s it! There’s no need to spend a great deal of time trying to think of something truly mind-blowing, because a lot of potential matches may not even look at your username. But like I said, it doesn’t hurt to have something a little interesting and eye-catching.

Creative Commons image courtesy of Henkster

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