Are There Rules to Online Dating?

Online Dating Rules

The first rule of online dating is that there are no rules.

There are of course terms of service that you must follow, but most normal human beings aren’t going to have an issue with that.

There are however things one might reasonably state that you shouldn’t do, and things that you should. There are recommendations. In this post, I want to go through a few of those key recommendations – guidelines that I personally adhere to.

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Tips For the First Date

Online Dating: The First Date

When it comes to online dating, the first date is where things actually get “real”.

Up until that point, you’re dealing in the virtual world, looking at photos, reading profiles, and exchanging messages with near-anonymous people. It’s all rather comfortable.

But a date is a date – and moreover, it’s with someone you’ve never met before. Someone who you only know from what is likely to have been a relatively brief exchange of messages. So what should you expect, and how should you act?

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How to Create Awesome Profile Headlines

Online Dating: Headlines

Along with your photo, your online dating headline has a lot of influence in determining the success of your profile.

Those few short words are your opportunity to engage with potential matches and draw them into clicking on your profile. Therefore, it is important to spend a little time creating an enticing headline.

The simple fact is that a hell of a lot more people will read your headline than your profile. The closer you can bring those two numbers together, the better. In this post, we’re going to look at a few different tactics you can employ to create a successful online dating headline.

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Tips for Creating a Great Profile

Online Dating: Profile Tips

The most important thing that you should look to get right when it comes to online dating is your profile.

Whilst a great first message can get you off on the right foot with a potential match, if your profile doesn’t deliver, your messaging skills will be for nought.

Furthermore, with the sheer number of profiles on dating sites, yours will have to be above average in order to catch the eye.

Fortunately, it is not too difficult to put together a profile that is better than most. Today, I want to share a few key tips that I have learned in my years of online dating.

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A Guide to Writing the First Message

Online Dating: The First Message

When it comes to online dating, the first message you send someone is pivotal. You might have the most awesome profile in the world, but if your message is so dull and uninspiring that the object of your interest isn’t driven to explore further, it becomes irrelevant.

Having said that, putting together an engaging first message really isn’t rocket science. These days I stick to a few simple (and occasionally counterintuitive) principles that have been working pretty well for me.

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