How Lessons from Winning an NBA Championship Can Help Your Online Dating Success

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The recent win by the Miami Heat made me realize that winning an NBA Championship is a lot like online dating. There is a lot of preparation, adversity and doubt; but in the end, it’s all worth it.

So how can you use this analogy to help your online dating success? This post will provide you with the mindset and tactics needed to be a successful online dater. Let’s take a look!

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4 Reasons to Try Online Dating


It’s Saturday night and you’ve just spent two hours getting ready to go to the same bar with the same friends and chat to the same people that you do every week. ‘How am I ever supposed to meet someone?’ you think. Well, you’re not alone.

This scenario is typical of many singletons whose lives are too busy to search out new social groups or test new pastimes.

With statistics suggesting that more relationships than ever are starting online, it’s the perfect time to try it out! Still not convinced? Well read on to discover four reasons you should definitely try online dating…

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The Dark Side of Dating: Getting Dumped and Getting Over It

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When you date, you risk being dumped. When you date online ,the risk of being dumped is multiplied. In this post I am going to look at why dumping is inevitable and why you shouldn’t worry about it (too much). I’ll finish with a look at the different type of dumps you might experience.

The grand finale is an emergency plan to survive a really painful dump.

Chin up. Let’s look at dumping in all its many guises.

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Go the Distance

Field of Dreams

Have you ever seen Kevin Costner’s Field Of Dreams?

In that movie there are a lot of inspirational metaphors that a person can draw on of which “Go the distance” is but one.

To me, as stated in the last instalment of this series (The Zero Date Decade), putting in the time, doing the work, going out and putting yourself on the line is the most important part of reclaiming your dating life as a single man. Make this your first habit.

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The Secret To Connecting On A First Date

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There’s a lot of advice on the internet about first dates and most of it sucks.

The problem is that most advice doesn’t address the underlying reasons why people have bad first dates. I’m hoping to change that with this article.

I was like you. I used to have a terrible time with first dates.

Before the date, I would get nervous. I’d worry about every little detail: what should I wear, what if we don’t have fun, what are we going to talk about, what if I run out of things to say, etc.

If you couldn’t already guess, this mental ‘preparation’ led to some pretty awful first dates. The whole process became stressful and was anything but fun.

So I went online and tried to find out what I was doing wrong. Some of the stellar advice I found included tips like: dress casual, be confident, and turn off your phone.

Wow, my life was forever changed. All along my phone was sabotaging me. Thank God for the infinite wisdom of the internet.

Obviously, none of this advice helped.

I continued to try my luck, but once you’ve had a few bad first dates, the problem only gets worse. I became even more nervous, had even worse dates, until eventually, I had enough.

I gave up dating. I was through wasting time and money, only to be left feeling miserable.

It wasn’t until I gave up dating that I realized the secret behind why some people consistently had successful dating experiences, and I couldn’t have a good date to save my life.

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