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How to Stop Creeps From Ruining Your Online Dating Experience

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If you have been online dating for any length of time, it’s quite likely that at one point or another you have been made uncomfortable by conversations from “creepy” men.

For many female online daters, creeps are an unfortunate reality that can make the experience far less pleasurable. Just like those high school zits that pop up on the day of the prom, these guys pop up at the least opportune moment and never seem to want to leave.

They can harass or even be abusive and are always in your face with explicit messages. Perhaps worst of all, they often do not know when to simply give up when you don’t want them to contact you anymore (if ever).

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How to Reject Someone

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Rejection is rarely much fun for either party involved. It’s never nice to be on the receiving end and is awkward and unpleasant to dish out for most people.

However, it’s not really something you can avoid (nor should you). Continuing to engage with someone on a dating site with whom you have no intention of taking things further is a far more cruel thing to do than the rejection itself.

So with the above said, how should you reject someone on an online dating site?

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How to Protect Yourself in the Online Dating World

Online Dating: How to Protect Yourself

Online dating can get a bad rap amongst certain groups. Whilst there is no doubting that there are some potential dangers when it comes to online dating, the same can be said of life in general.

In reality, if you take a few simple precautions when engaging in online dating, you are unlikely to ever run into any trouble. It’s more a case of exercising common sense than anything else.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the steps you should take to protect yourself.

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How to Say “No Thanks”

Online Dating: How to Say "No Thanks"

Rejection can be awkward to dish out, and difficult to take.

Yet it is a part of life. And when it comes to online dating, rejection is a common occurrence. People who are terrified of the idea of rejection in “real life” fire off emails left right and center with wild abandon, risking rebuffs with every click of their mouse.

If you are engaged in online dating for any length of time, you will probably be contacted by someone you are not interested in — at which point, the question of how to say “no thanks” comes into play. So how do you let people down gently?

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