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How to Deal with a Bad Date

A Rose

A bad date is a place you don’t want to be.

It’s no one’s fault, yet no matter how well you seem to get on online, you can easily find yourself in a public place with a stranger having a real struggle with simple conversation.

What should you do?

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Should You Go On a Second Date if There Was No Spark?

A lit match.

Online dating offers up a host of ironies of which my favorite is probably the “first date no spark” scenario.

You get yourself in a right tangle of nerves about the date for whatever reason: you might be new to online dating, or perhaps you think the match is particularly suited to you. You feel like there’s a lot riding on the date and you’ve got to be on top form.

And then that much-anticipated spark isn’t there. Your date might be perfectly friendly and perhaps even interesting but you don’t feel that special something that signifies the beginning of something beautiful (or at least, you know, nice).

The question then is, should you give a match another go if there were no butterflies first time around?

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How to Break Up

Broken glass

I always dread having to break up with someone — whether I have been on one date or fifty. I’ve had to do it my fair share of times (and have of course had it done to me) but it still feels unpleasant every time.

Having said that, simply ignoring someone you have met in person via an online dating site is absolutely unacceptable. They deserve to know if you have no intention of seeing them again. And in reality, initiating a breakup doesn’t have to be a particularly painful process. Understanding how to break up is simply a case of considering how you would like to be treated under similar circumstances.

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How Do I Know If He’s Interested?

How Do I Know if He's Interested?

Let’s face it — online dating is a bit of a dance.

There are so many different stages — checking out someones profile, sending a message, responding to matches, meeting for that first date, arranging followup dates, texting, speaking on the phone…it all sounds rather exhausting, doesn’t it?

And the stress of the entire process is then compounded by that one single question — how do I know if he’s interested? What if all that effort you are putting in is for nothing? What guarantee do you have that it will lead to anything?

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Online Dating Etiquette

Online Dating Etiquette

Everyone has their own set of “rules” when it comes to conducting yourself in what one would consider an appropriate fashion in the online dating world. And until someone releases a universally accepted guide to online dating etiquette, you are going to have to behave in a manner that you personally feel is acceptable.

Having said that, I have been part of the online dating world for a few years now (between relationships), and in that time I have formed a firm idea of what I consider to be “correct” online dating etiquette. Today, I am sharing my guidelines with you.

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