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Does Online Dating Work?

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Although online dating is relatively mainstream these days, there are still plenty of people who question its value in terms of being able to deliver you into the arms of your ideal match. So the question is, “Does online dating work?”

If you’re looking for the simple answer then here it is: “Yes.” I can think of many online dating success stories, such as that of Brad the Dating Advice Guy, my brother (who is currently engaged with a wonderful woman he met on eHarmony), or even myself (I am currently in a relationship with someone I met on Match).

However, I’m not simply going to leave things there. I want to explore the reasons why I think online dating “works.” If you’re currently on the fence then I hope this post persuades you to join the world of online dating as it is a great way of meeting your future partner.

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Online Dating Email Tips

Online Dating: Email Tips

As I have said on more than one occasion, your profile is by far your most important “asset” when it comes to the world of online dating. A good profile can make all the difference.

However, sending interesting and unique messages and emails does come in close second. If you can portray yourself effectively via email, it can make up for some shortcomings in your profile. But if you have a good profile but come across as boring (or even worse, creepy) in your messages, you’ll struggle to get many dates.

Whilst you shouldn’t try to be someone you’re not when communicating with a potential match, you should put your best foot forward. With that in mind, today I want to cover the most important tips — emailing etiquette, if you will — that you should bear in mind when emailing.

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What You Can Learn from Online Dating Statistics

Online Dating Statistics

A quick Google search reveals that there are more online dating statistics out there than you can shake a stick at. And whilst it may be fascinating to know that the online dating industry generates $1.9b in annual revenue[1], that doesn’t really help us get a date, does it?

So rather than simply regurgitate a giant selection of those same statistics here, I thought I’d instead pick a select few, and explain how they can help us in our online dating efforts.

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