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What is a Good Online Dating Name?

What makes a good online dating user name? Just ask Edward and Bella

What’s in a (screen) name?

I have often been asked by readers and dating profile clients what makes for a really good online dating name.

Well, think about it—especially you folks who complain that your fellow singles “only look at the pictures anyway.” This is your chance to be clever, cool, fun, witty, and alluring.

That is, If you don’t totally mess it up by coming up with something stupid, self-obsessed, or downright uninteresting.

I find it’s helpful to answer the question about handles with a question or two of my own:

Guys, in real life, could a woman possibly feel a hot animal attraction to you if you were to introduce yourself as Bob4UOnly? Dubious.

Or, if you’re a woman:

How enthralling would you be to the handsome guy standing in line with you at Starbuck’s if you were to open with, “Hey there, I’m TwilightObsessd!”

In my last post I explained why online dating is a numbers game—and why your one and only task in creating your dating profile is to convince vast numbers of profile visitors that you are someone they must learn more about.

Well, you may ask, how in heaven’s name do I go about being so charismatic? Great question. And what better place to begin getting down to fascination tactics than your user name? I want to talk beginning your online profile with a fantastic user name—but first I feel compelled to offer a little rant advice on what makes a handle horrid.

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Are You Sharing Too Much Information?

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If you’ve been part of the online dating community for a while you’ve probably come across a handful of profiles that have made you cringe in embarrassment.

Whether it was the guy ranting on about his “psycho ex” or the woman with the very specific vision of what her and her future partner’s life will be like (“We will be married in 3 years, have a white dog named Fido, and of course our life wouldn’t be complete together without 2.5 children!”), we’ve all seen our fair share of TMI.

That is why I want to make sure that you have the proper online dating etiquette under your belt to keep you from creating a profile or sending a message that sends a red flag to potential future dates — or at the very least help alert you as you continue on your online dating journey.

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How to Get Noticed in 5 Simple Steps

Shocked Woman

I think that most online daters have been in a position where they feel like it is a waste of time.

You’re probably familiar with the scenario — you’ve spent ages putting a profile together and have sent off a bunch of messages. Perhaps you’ve had some responses and maybe even gone on a few dates, but nothing that has been of any promise. At that point it can be all too easy to give up — it can feel like you simply don’t know how to get noticed.

But if you’re currently going through something like the above scenario, I hope that you don’t give up. Why? Because online dating is a fantastic way of meeting new people, and ultimately, your future long-term partner. It’s just a case of getting noticed. More specifically, it’s about getting noticed by the right people.

With the above in mind, below I have complied what I consider the five most important steps to getting noticed on dating sites. Enjoy!

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Profile Examples to Attract Men

Online Dating: Profile Examples to Attract Men

Successful online dating requires a lot of proactivity, and your profile is perhaps the best example of that.

It can be all too easy to write up a brief profile, upload a couple of photographs, and then hope that your perfect match will land in your inbox. But in order to give yourself the best chance of finding a meaningful relationship, you will probably have to work a little harder than that.

I have looked at literally thousands of profiles in my time, and so I feel I am well placed to suggest what profiles I think “work” — from a man’s perspective.

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Are There Rules to Online Dating?

Online Dating Rules

The first rule of online dating is that there are no rules.

There are of course terms of service that you must follow, but most normal human beings aren’t going to have an issue with that.

There are however things one might reasonably state that you shouldn’t do, and things that you should. There are recommendations. In this post, I want to go through a few of those key recommendations – guidelines that I personally adhere to.

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