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Dating Profiles: 7 Mistakes That Kill Your Chances of Success


Are you making an online dating profile mistake that is killing your chances of success?

For some people, developing a strong profile that generates responses is a hard thing to do. What can compound this problem is making one or two key errors that really put your profile in the “do not reply” category.

Let’s look at seven common dating profile mistakes that people make so that you can avoid them.

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Profile Photos: The Dos and Don’ts

No duck faces allowed!

“Man, who would post that as their profile picture?”

We’ve all had this thought at one point or another as we scroll through a never-ending pool of single fish. But how do you know you’re not one of the thousands who fall victim to the curse of the bad profile photo?

I searched through hundreds, if not thousands of profile pictures and found that some “Poor Unfortunate Souls” (PUS) were making several damaging mistakes. There were also a few profile “All-Stars” who did a bang-up job choosing pictures that would make potential matches curious for more.

So, are you a PUS or an All-Star? Use the guidelines below to find out…

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Are You Sharing Too Much Information?

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If you’ve been part of the online dating community for a while you’ve probably come across a handful of profiles that have made you cringe in embarrassment.

Whether it was the guy ranting on about his “psycho ex” or the woman with the very specific vision of what her and her future partner’s life will be like (“We will be married in 3 years, have a white dog named Fido, and of course our life wouldn’t be complete together without 2.5 children!”), we’ve all seen our fair share of TMI.

That is why I want to make sure that you have the proper online dating etiquette under your belt to keep you from creating a profile or sending a message that sends a red flag to potential future dates — or at the very least help alert you as you continue on your online dating journey.

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Why You Should Ignore One Photo Profiles

A pretty woman.

The key to getting the most out of online dating is in being able to get as much information from a person as possible before meeting them — otherwise you find yourself in too many dead-end dates and possibly give up on the idea of online dating altogether.

With that in mind, a person’s profile on an online dating site gives us a window into their life. However, it can be both revealing and misleading in equal measures.

Now it would be all too easy to mistake me for a materialistic male chauvinist based upon the headline of this post but please bear with me. There is a logical reasoning as to why I think you should ignore profiles that have just one photo. You can call me overly materialistic for taking this position but I would prefer to call it practical.

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Profile Examples to Attract Men

Online Dating: Profile Examples to Attract Men

Successful online dating requires a lot of proactivity, and your profile is perhaps the best example of that.

It can be all too easy to write up a brief profile, upload a couple of photographs, and then hope that your perfect match will land in your inbox. But in order to give yourself the best chance of finding a meaningful relationship, you will probably have to work a little harder than that.

I have looked at literally thousands of profiles in my time, and so I feel I am well placed to suggest what profiles I think “work” — from a man’s perspective.

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