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Turning 50? Why You Don’t Need Senior Dating

Photo Credit: HikingArtist.com

In the vast, niche-ified world of online dating, everyone gets the chance to belong. Specialty dating sites promise likeminded matches for bookworms, farmers, Trekkies, vegans, and everyone in-between. One of the latest niches to gain traction is the “senior dating” specialty — that is, matches for singles over 50.

For now, I’ll put aside the disturbing question of when 50 became the senior citizen cutoff mark. Instead, I’ll pose the following (admittedly rhetorical) question:

Who exactly benefits when 50-year-old singles step off en masse into some distant promised online Shangri-La of senior-ness?

Because we all know that if those ads with beach-walking gray-haired couples have their desired effect, we’ll soon start hearing stuff like, “Ew, this guy who messaged me was like…over 50…and he’s still on Match. Doesn’t he know there are whole websites just for people his age?” Or this: “The woman’s 50 years old, and there she is on OKCupid. But she looks pretty good. Must be a cougar.”

So, if you are turning 50 (or have already passed that milestone), will you benefit from having your very own special age-determined dating society?

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