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5 Reasons Why Online Dating Is Better Than Traditional Dating

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Many years ago, online dating had a negative stigma attached to it. In many ways though, online dating has always been ahead of the curve. With Facebook, Twitter, blogs and the like, it seems like almost everyone has some sort of online presence.

Doesn’t it make sense then to use online dating as a way to meet your dating goals?

This post will highlight five ways where online dating is better than traditional dating.

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How Lessons from Winning an NBA Championship Can Help Your Online Dating Success

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The recent win by the Miami Heat made me realize that winning an NBA Championship is a lot like online dating. There is a lot of preparation, adversity and doubt; but in the end, it’s all worth it.

So how can you use this analogy to help your online dating success? This post will provide you with the mindset and tactics needed to be a successful online dater. Let’s take a look!

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The Secret To Connecting On A First Date

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There’s a lot of advice on the internet about first dates and most of it sucks.

The problem is that most advice doesn’t address the underlying reasons why people have bad first dates. I’m hoping to change that with this article.

I was like you. I used to have a terrible time with first dates.

Before the date, I would get nervous. I’d worry about every little detail: what should I wear, what if we don’t have fun, what are we going to talk about, what if I run out of things to say, etc.

If you couldn’t already guess, this mental ‘preparation’ led to some pretty awful first dates. The whole process became stressful and was anything but fun.

So I went online and tried to find out what I was doing wrong. Some of the stellar advice I found included tips like: dress casual, be confident, and turn off your phone.

Wow, my life was forever changed. All along my phone was sabotaging me. Thank God for the infinite wisdom of the internet.

Obviously, none of this advice helped.

I continued to try my luck, but once you’ve had a few bad first dates, the problem only gets worse. I became even more nervous, had even worse dates, until eventually, I had enough.

I gave up dating. I was through wasting time and money, only to be left feeling miserable.

It wasn’t until I gave up dating that I realized the secret behind why some people consistently had successful dating experiences, and I couldn’t have a good date to save my life.

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Debunking the Top 3 Biggest Online Dating Myths

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Online dating is everywhere you turn these days. With time constraints, responsibilities and other factors, it makes sense that many people use online dating as a way to achieve their relationship goals.

As with anything else that’s popular, there are a number of misconceptions about online dating.

But, do you ever get tired of hearing online dating myths that make you question whether it’s even worth your time?

In this post, we’ll dispel three online dating myths so that you can put an end to the questions in your head or any of your family/friends who think you’re wasting time with online dating.

It’s crucial to dispel these myths so that you can reap the many benefits of an online dating service and find which one is best for you.

So, let’s look at three common myths and expose them for how wrong they really are.

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10 Ways to Spot a Player

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Simply put, you can’t spot a player. What you can do though is keep an eye out for any of the following signs that may save you the bother of an achy breaky heart.

Most tips read like common sense. Yet typically common sense is the first thing you lose when you get involved with someone.

I think it is more likely that there is a mismatch between dating intentions; one person wants a relationship but the other person wants to mostly have some fun. Or, perhaps they do want a serious relationship, but sadly not with you. Ouch.

Let us imagine that there is no such thing as a “player” but instead a “funster.” There is no playing of you like an air guitar, but more a mismatch between people and intentions in the laundry basket of love. An easy mistake to make, yet there is no harm in preventing this faux pas with a simple check: is your date a serious foot glove or a pop sock?

Let’s have a look at some ways you can spot a player (funster)…

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