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How to Reject Someone

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Rejection is rarely much fun for either party involved. It’s never nice to be on the receiving end and is awkward and unpleasant to dish out for most people.

However, it’s not really something you can avoid (nor should you). Continuing to engage with someone on a dating site with whom you have no intention of taking things further is a far more cruel thing to do than the rejection itself.

So with the above said, how should you reject someone on an online dating site?

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How to Break Up

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I always dread having to break up with someone — whether I have been on one date or fifty. I’ve had to do it my fair share of times (and have of course had it done to me) but it still feels unpleasant every time.

Having said that, simply ignoring someone you have met in person via an online dating site is absolutely unacceptable. They deserve to know if you have no intention of seeing them again. And in reality, initiating a breakup doesn’t have to be a particularly painful process. Understanding how to break up is simply a case of considering how you would like to be treated under similar circumstances.

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Who Should Call First?


Something I have never done is call an online match before meeting them in person. I always advocate getting to the first date as soon as possible, which typically means no more than 2-4 messages before I ask them out.

However, some people do like to speak first, and I can certainly see why. Although I feel that you can’t judge chemistry over the phone, if you’re feeling a little nervous about meeting someone in person, having a telephone conversation first can bridge the gap somewhat.

So for those who like to speak on the phone before meeting in person, the key question is, who should call first?

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