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Online Dating Messages: 5 Scripts to Use and 3 to Avoid

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When contacting a match, wouldn’t it be great to have a few online dating message scripts that you know are going to increase your chances of receiving a reply?

In this post, we’re going to look at five online dating message scripts you can use to help you and three to avoid using at all costs.

We’ll get into the underlying reasons why they are effective so that you can modify them to fit your own personal style. After that, we’ll look at three online dating message scripts that you should avoid when contacting a match.

Why is it important to have a good message script that generates a reply? To reward you for all your hard work and get you closer to meeting your match!

Let’s have a look!

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Is Online Dating a Numbers Game?

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(Yes, it is–but not in the way you think.)

Talk to any frustrated user of an online dating service, and you’re likely to hear a glum, “Online dating is juuuust a big numbers game.”

Accompanied by a dismissive shrug of the shoulders.

And…perhaps even a slight whimper to complete the portrait of Joe or Joanna Singleton who just can’t seem to catch a break. Oh, it’s not that they don’t try, mind you. Joe will tell you about his efforts to write nice, gentlemanly introductions to the parade of lovely women he spies on Match—and then about his growing annoyance, as he awaits replies…with only the chirping of crickets to keep him company.

And Joanna is quite likely to tell you about the periodic overtures of men who seemed both promising and interested online–but who (alas) turned out to live with Mom and lack any evidence of actual employment.

And they sigh and look solemn. Online dating, they declare, is an impossible numbers game. They’d have to quit their jobs and take up full-time dating in order to actually find that true-love needle in the mountainous haystack of singles.

Well, if there’s one thing my time on dating sites has taught me, it’s that Joe and Joanna are dead-on in their conclusion that numbers rule online dating.

But not exactly in the way they presume.

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Why Don’t Girls Respond?

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There are few things worse than sending out a bunch of messages via an online dating site and getting no replies. After all, you’re on a dating site to date — if you can’t even strike up a reciprocal conversation, what hope do you have of taking things to the next level?

But online dating definitely is for everyone — you’re not the failing exception that proves the rule. If you are struggling to get a response to your messages, you probably just need to make some minor tweaks to your approach in order to boost the response rate.

So if anyone can succeed with online dating, why don’t girls respond to your messages?

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How to Get a Response From Your Dream Match

How to Get a Response From Your Dream Match

There are times where you will come across a profile that you really like — a real box-ticker.

Good looking? Check. Shared interests? Check. Intelligent? Check. Funny? Check. Well-educated? Check. This is someone who you could have a real connection with.

Of course, you can’t make any sweeping assumptions from just a profile and some photos, but you feel as good about this match as you have about any.

Now all you need to do is send the kind of message that will attract a response. Easy, right?

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How to Ask for a First Date

How to Ask for a First Date

Asking someone out tends to be a little nerve-wracking.

Whilst a few lucky people are blessed with supreme levels of confidence (more power to them), most of us tend to be a little more hesitant.

One thing is for sure though — asking people out online is a lot easier than it is in “real life”. It’s far less about courage, and more about simply having a process. Once you understand how to go about getting dates online, the nervousness can all but disappear.

Besides, when it comes to asking for a first date, it is far less about how you ask, and far more about the circumstances.

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